• JapanArtsProduction㈱サンプロデュースは文化交流公演、地球家族の音楽と舞踊のライブ,コンサート、イベントの企画制作会社です。


                      ~Dialogue in Dance ~



I’m not leaving anyone behind.

For me, everyone is an important and lovable person.

Towards Tomorrow

Let’s live together.

Dancing together

Singing together

And let’s have fun together

Here are hundreds of years of history, the performance and dance of wonderful Japanese folk instruments.

<Performing groups>

It is a talented group that is highly evaluated for its performances in Japan and overseas.

Traditional Dance group Nippon/Murakami SangendoIzena-no-kai

<Scale of performances>

  • 15-30 people (including 5 staff)
  • In the case of live music, there are at least 5 musicians.

<materials> ★PlanSheet here Pdf

Digest Video version of about 5 minutes&inst/

https://youtu.be/XiLpA4pySNc      https://youtu.be/NvVvJUji_jE

Other phot&video here.  http://www.instagram.com/japan_dancecompany_tokyo